We have a lot of CONFIDENTIALITY of your project.

We find the best balance to advise and manage productions in the sand or snow.

We perform from location selection, castings and even logistics organization for pre-production, production, and post-production if necessary.

Advantages of making productions with our team according to the magnitude of the project:

  1. Languages: English, Spanish, French, German.
  2. Drone pilot: License granted in France.
  3. Experience in logistics: Mainly in South America, we have a wide network of contacts to perform all types of logistics, from a simple transfer to a helicopter mobilization if necessary, also, in other countries we provide the conditions that are necessary for the management and production.
  4. Experience in the sport of sand: 10 years.
  5. Selection of protagonists or doubles: Our database of professional sand riders mainly extends to an average of 150 riders in conditions to star in any production, also, if they believe it necessary, we could be part or perform the dubbing of some main actor.
  6. Camera specialists: If production requires specialized camera assistants or cameramen, we have partners in filming
  7. We are part of organizers and collaborators of international high-performance events such as the Sandboard World Cup, Freestyle SandSnow among others.