Since 2007 Martín is dedicated to the development of sandboarding; In 2013 he met Laurent Bernhard with whom he began to develop sandskiing.

Currently the two sports go hand in hand in South America, within the objectives of development and evolution in sectors where there is no snow for snowboarding or skiing.

Within its plans of development of the sport exist diverse projects of promotion, as much in the sport, tourism, the industry of sports equipment and a very important factor in which it has been very involved that is the social aid.

He was the first professional instructor of sandboarding that provided classes with equipment like snowboarding in his country, soon founded the International SandSnow School in the most popular and tourist place for the sandboarding in the world called Oasis Huacachina-Ica.

His social work as a developer was based on detecting future promises of the sport, his social projects help local children and youth of the city of Ica through sport. Currently with his team, he has developed the Peruvian team of snowboarding from his country from sand to snow.

In 2014 he founded the InterSands - International Sandboarding and Sandskiing Association together with Laurent Bernhard and friends of sand and snow, with the goal of developing and evolving professional sandboarding and sandskiing around the world.

He is the main organizer of the most important national and international events in his country like Sandboarding Cup Peru, Continental Cup, Sandboard World Cup, Free Ride Toro Mata, also project manager in different countries.

"I am a rider and a sports manager, I do not like to compete but I organize competitions, development is when you have the opportunity to measure and overcome your own fears in front of others around you"

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